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"As a mother looking for the best individual health insurance plan for my family's needs and budget, while at the same time being someone who has consistently had horrible experiences with any and all insurance companies, I can absolutely say that James "Reid" Jones is the ideal insurance broker to trust with all of your family's insurance needs.

While searching for individual health insurance plans, not only did Reid do his best to understand the unique needs and budget of our family, but he was the only broker to actually come back to me with a plan that not only covered all of our needs, but actually fit within our tight budget.

To take it one step further, Reid Jones has been the one and only insurance broker who has not only assisted our family with all of our insurance claim issues, but has personally handled and settled each and every insurance claim with which we have dealt. I can actually release some of the perpetual health insurance stress from my shoulders knowing that Reid Jones is there to prevent us from ever again becoming the victim of the health insurance companies!

If you are a family looking for affordable individual health insurance from the top insurance companies in Florida, then James "Reid" Jones is absolutely the perfect person to handle all of your family's insurance needs. You will be amazed by his genuine desire to help you in any way that he can, as well as his ability to meet each and every one of your family's needs."

PS do you know about the meeting wed night at 6pm at the police station to discuss traffic on rockledge drive? i think they are addressing something specifically at the intersection of rockledge drive and barton ave (right by the indian river club condos) but just
wanted to make sure you're aware!


Christina MacDonald
Brevard Times

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