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Disability Insurance in Brevard County, Florida

In a nutshell, disability insurance is an insurance policy that pays benefits in the event that the policyholder becomes incapable of working. It is also known as total or partial income replacement insurance.

More specifically, disability insurance is an insurance contract wherein an insurer undertakes to pay money (usually a proportion of the insured's most recent income) or some other benefits (such as retraining costs) in the event that the insured becomes disabled or unable to engage in his/her occupation as a result of bodily injury, disease or mental disorder.

Insurance contracts, also known as policies, differ from insurer to insurer, nowhere more so than with disability insurance. The distinctions are numerous: types of disability covered, proportion of pay covered, period or duration of coverage, evolution of a temporary to a permanent disability, and the various definitions such as "total disability".

Generally, there are three main components of individual disability policies:

  • Degree of disability - usually stated as a percentage, and can include partial and full disability in the same policy
  • Waiting or elimination period - the time between first day of disability and when policy is activated, usually 30, 60 or 90 days as a standard
  • Maximum payment period - amount of money paid every week or month until benefits expired.  For example 5 year benefit, 10 year benefit or pay to age 65.
We can offer answers and solutions to many of the questions you may have. Like...When Am I Considered Disabled? When Will Benefits Start?  How Long Will Benefits Be Paid?  How Much Disability Income Insurance Do I Need?  

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